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PWGVersion: Legends: Serena's BIG Rescue
Once again, Serena, a young blonde Pokémon trainer, had found herself coming back to this breathtaking town, Lumiose, thanks to her Charizard flying her there, as he did anytime his young master asked him to.
Currently Serena was browsing the wondrous yet vastly expensive clothing from the boutique that screamed high class. Lucky for her she had enough "style" to get in, she still wasn't sure what that meant seeing as she believed she wasn't wearing anything incredible fancy.
In any case her eyes caught sight of a nice-looking pair of pants and suit. As much as she liked a good skirt she wondered what her friends would say if they saw her in something like that. Maybe she could get a haircut too to better match the attire… of course that would be nice if she could actually afford it all; but in reality, she couldn't. The haircut sure; the clothing, not a chance.
She sighed. 'Guess I could save up for that or any of the other clothing sold here.' Later having exited the build
:iconpokemon-wg-version:Pokemon-WG-Version 34 4
May's Gains (A LOT): PWGVersion: Legends Part 1
---Chapter 2---
May opened one of the Pokéballs, releasing a Torchic. The Chick Pokémon looked at her with its big, blue eyes, and she was sold.
"I choose Torchic!" May said with enthusiasm. The Professor handed May five additional PokéBalls, while Professor Birch, who just woke up, handed her a Pokédex.
"Use that Pokédex to record information about Pokémon you encounter on your journey. My son, Brendan, has been doing the same thing. Good luck." With those parting words, May took Torchic in her arms and walked back to her house to show her mother her first Pokémon.
"Oh, May, it's so cute! Max, come see!" Caroline beckoned Max to look at May's Torchic, and he was impressed.
"You picked a winner, sis! I can tell 'cause he's got a winning gleam in his eye."
"How do you know it's a boy, Max?" May asked.
"The boys have a black spot on their backs. Look." Sure enough, there it was. It was tiny, but it was there.
"Hmmm, I should give him a nickname. Ho
:iconpokemon-wg-version:Pokemon-WG-Version 20 1
Lillie and the Strange Town Chapter 8
“Villagers of Kan’Kai! The prophet would like you to show your gratitude to her arrival with another round of your finest dishes!”
Lillie sighed. She had brought herself to Kan’Dal as a willing captee to his strange perversions …and the happiness of his village. Of course.
‘So much for losing weight.’ Her inner monologue was spilling out. And to think she was actually starting to make some progress on firming up her belly flab! Now, instead, it sprung out, unable to be contained, and bloated with unknown amounts of fat and food.
As the villagers finished preparing Lillie’s first plates, the excitedly arranged her food on the massive stone slab of a table set before her. The blend of smells from the tribal cooks signalled the simultaneous arrival of heaven and hell.
“Pew?” Nebby seemed to have a morbid curiosity in the villagers’ work, hovering around like a curious child. Each one was too afraid and busy to look up from
:iconpokemon-wg-version:Pokemon-WG-Version 32 9
May's Gains (A LOT): PWGVersion: Legends Part 2
"Another bowl, please."
"May, you've eaten 15 bowls of noodles already."
"My record is 32. You should have seen me."
A few days later, the girls were visiting a noodle shop right outside Fallabor. With May eating more than Dawn and Flannery combined, Dawn was intrigued by the ravenous display of appetite and her weight and wondered how to get big herself. Flannery, being in a semi-conscious state of fullness, decided to play along.
"May, is it hard to gain?"
"Not really. Though I've always been big." She replied, concentrating on her finishing every dish in the noodle shop- a task she was scarily close to.
“Well, I'll be at the shop next door. I do have some work to do after all.”
Flannery looked back down to her 3rd bowl. She should be fine, she wasn't that big of an eater anyways. Unfortunately, being around May so much had skewed her sense of proportion, and her appetite had been increasing every day since they first met. Her shorts were a getting bit strained though
:iconpokemon-wg-version:Pokemon-WG-Version 19 0
Pokemon Interactives Chapter Fragment
The interactive story it goes with is here, for context:
   “Oh, you've got to be kidding me…” Krys muttered to herself as she buried her face into her palm, “Can't she at least try to dress herself?”
   The other, much larger girl in the changing stall either didn't hear her or didn't seem to care. “Hello? Can I get some help with this thing?” Leaf waved the XL skirt in front of Krys’ face until she snatched it out of the air.
   “Yeah, ok, fine. Let's see here…” Krystal made a few attempts at bringing the piece of clothing up to the massive trainer, before giving up on strategy and opting instead to just force it on. She grabbed a handful of Leafs bulging belly and, holding it up as best she could, began to slip the skirt on. However, as she slid the rear
:iconpokemon-wg-version:Pokemon-WG-Version 13 10


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Whoa? :iconsmotr:smotr 20 1
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Power Up! :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 584 35
W-Why this shirt again?! by dirtykuro W-Why this shirt again?! :icondirtykuro:dirtykuro 665 91



Once again, Serena, a young blonde Pokémon trainer, had found herself coming back to this breathtaking town, Lumiose, thanks to her Charizard flying her there, as he did anytime his young master asked him to.

Currently Serena was browsing the wondrous yet vastly expensive clothing from the boutique that screamed high class. Lucky for her she had enough "style" to get in, she still wasn't sure what that meant seeing as she believed she wasn't wearing anything incredible fancy.

In any case her eyes caught sight of a nice-looking pair of pants and suit. As much as she liked a good skirt she wondered what her friends would say if they saw her in something like that. Maybe she could get a haircut too to better match the attire… of course that would be nice if she could actually afford it all; but in reality, she couldn't. The haircut sure; the clothing, not a chance.

She sighed. 'Guess I could save up for that or any of the other clothing sold here.' Later having exited the building, Serena paused to think over what to do next.


Suddenly, a ringing sound could be heard from inside Serena's bag. Fumbling inside it, Serena pulled out the source; her Holo-Caster with a message. Clicking a button, the machine flashed from its center circle and a blue holographic image showed up. The image was that of a young girl with pigtails in a T-shirt.

"Hiya Serena!" the girl said.

"Hey Shauna." Serena replied.

Shauna was Serena's friend and rival that she met when starting her journey. Serena wondered what she was doing now.

"Hey Serena, I'm just outside Lumiose City's Pokemon center, you want to meet up together with me?" she asked.

"Sure thing." Serena said. "Be right there," she said as she closed the 'caster with Shauna giving her a wave of her hand before the hologram disappeared.


As she arrived at the closest Pokemon center, she realized Shauna was nowhere to be found. Of course Shauna had neglected to mention which Pokemon Centre she was waiting outside of. Serena leaned back against the tanned brick wall, and pulled out her Holo-Caster again from the depths of her bag. Serena had a beautiful view of the Prism Tower from where she was stood, and she felt a tingle trace her spine as she remembered her recent, and exhilarating, battle with the Lumiose Gym leader, Clemont. He had quite literally been electrifying, and was clearly a talented Pokemon Trainer. However, Serena and her Sandslash had swept through the battle without needing to use so much as a single Hyper Potion. Serena smiled to herself as she bought up Shauna's contact details.

She had met her Sandslash, then a Sandshrew, through the Wonder Trade, and he was already turning out to be a wonderful Pokemon.

"Shauna?" Serena gazed at the small device as her friend's holographic image popped up, "Which Pokemon Centre? There's two in Lumiose, remember?"

"Oh," Shauna's holographic image held a hand up to her mouth, her eyes widening, "Of course! I'm sorry Serena, looks like I'm waiting at the other one! Do you want me to come meet you? Or do you want to come meet me?" Serena pursed her lips together for a moment in thought.


"I'll come meet you," Serena responded after a moment of thought; as much as she loved Shauna, the girl wasn't exactly the best when it came to directions.

"Just wait there, okay? I won't be long." She ended the call and slipped her Holo Caster back into her bag.

With that, Serena started to walk back up the road, towards the outer ring of Lumiose. It had taken her some time to get used to the beautiful city of light, but somehow she had started to find her way around. She knew where the clothes shop was, which was the most important thing, and she knew where the hairdresser's was, and that was another important thing. She knew her way to both Pokemon Centres, and unlike Shauna, she remembered there was two Pokemon Centres.

"Huh...?" Serena squinted as she approached the Pokemon Centre. She couldn't see Shauna anywhere, and the girl was pretty distinctive with her bright pink shirt and long brown ponytails. The only person stood outside was a chubby brunette in a pink and white sundress.

No, Serena noted as she drew closer, the girl had gone beyond chubby, and was outright fat. Her stomach pressed against the thin material of her dress, and another roll of fat sat on top of her stomach. Her legs were wide and chubby, and her arms were so fleshy that the straps of her dress sank into her shoulders, like string fighting against rising dough. Serena couldn't quite make out the girl's face due to the sunhat pulled down over her eyes, but she could make out a pair of familiar brown ponytails falling over her shoulders.

"Shauna...?" Serena murmured in surprise as she stopped in front of the girl. The girl looked up, and in that moment, Serena could see that it was Shauna. A Shauna who had apparently tripled her weight since the last time she had seen her.

Shauna broke into a wide smile, a pretty blush spread across her chubby cheeks, and she shuffled her considerable weight from one foot to the next. Each movement made her stomach rolls jiggle, almost hypnotically.

"Hi Serena!" Shauna chirped brightly, "I guess uhh... I look a little different?"

"But on the Holo Caster," Serena furrowed her brow, "You looked like… " she had to word her sentence in a way that wouldn't offend the other girl, "You looked more like I remembered you." Shauna's green eyes widened in realization, and she hid another giggle behind her chubby hand.

"Oh, that! It's an app that uses old video data of you," Shauna explained sheepishly, "I, uhh, didn't want to startle you." She jumped a little as her enormous stomach growled, and she placed a hand on the side of her belly, as if trying to placate it.

"Sorry. I don't suppose you want to go get something to eat?" she looked at Serena imploringly.

"Sure," Serena nodded, "But... at least tell me what happened?" Shauna laughed, and linked her arm in with Serena's. Serena could feel the warm flesh ooze against her much thinner arm, even walking by Shauna's side meant that Shauna's juicy hip kept brushing against her with every step they took.


"Well you know those restaurants where you can have trainer battles?" Shauna began as she and Serena walked down the street together, "I went in there one day but my poor Pokemon weren't up to fighting. I still wanted to try the food, and did you know that's totally an option? You can just go there to eat!"

Shauna sounded beyond excited that she could actually just eat at a restaurant of all places, and Serena resisted the urge to roll her eyes good naturedly in response. "So I went in there and started eating and," Shauna patted the side of her enormous belly, "I just couldn't stop. The food is so good!"

"But I just saw you only a few days ago," Serena's brow furrowed, "How have you... put on so much weight since then?" A few pounds here and there she could understand, but Shauna had to have gained at least 200lbs, if not more. "It doesn't make sense."

Shauna just giggled in response, and her arm tightened even more around Serena's own. Getting fatter had made Shauna a lot stronger, Serena noticed with a grimace, she was really being tugged along by the excitable brunette.

"Oh that! What the waiter suggested I tried, what was it?" Shauna held her finger up to her plump lower lip, "Oh, that's right. Some kind of cheese and pasta thing. He said the name of it, but I forgot. He said the cheese and the sauce was made with Moo Moo Milk," Serena's eyes widened, "And Serena, it tasted really amazing! I've never had anything so rich and creamy before. And no matter how much I ate, I never got full." She came to a sudden stop, Serena kept walking and found herself bouncing slightly off of Shauna's much softer side.

"But uhh," Shauna's round cheeks blushed a little, "I didn't have enough money to pay for the bill. The waiter was really nice about it. He said to just find a trainer and bring them along to battle. I'm sorry!" she wailed a little as Serena fixed her with a stern look, "B-but he said he'd let me have the meal for free if I could get a trainer to battle him. You're such an amazing and talented trainer, Serena! And you'll get experience from it too-"

"Okay, okay," Serena sighed as she rested her hand against a narrow hip, "I'll bail you out this one time. But with all that Moo Moo Milk? It's not surprising that you've put on so much weight. Mum used to use it to help sickly Pokemon growing up. It's pretty potent stuff if it's not mixed correctly."

She adjusted her hat, and looked up at the restaurant they had stopped outside of. It looked nice enough, with a neat black trim and tinted windows to protect its customers against the bright sunlight streaming down from above, and Serena smiled a little to herself.

"Yay! Thank you Serena," Shauna beamed at her friend, and tugged her inside the restaurant, "Mister Waiter! I bought someone to battle you."

It took a moment for Serena's eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight outside. The inside of the restaurant was almost silent, the only sound being that of cutlery clinking against china. Pretty chandeliers hung from the ceiling to cast a soft light down over the diners, and there was a sweet floral fragrance lingering in the air. Serena's footsteps were muffled by the soft carpet as she trailed behind Shauna. She squinted her eyes as she walked past other diners, was it her imagination, or were they all of a similar size to Shauna?

"Ahh, my beautiful Shauna," a waiter appeared from out of the gloom, a handsome young man with slicked back hair, "I knew you would not let me down. My pretty Shauna, she got carried away with her eating." He patted the side of Shauna's stomach gently, and to Serena's amazement, Shauna let out a quiet giggle in response. "I have a little something for you to eat while you watch us," he added silkily, guiding Shauna away by her rounded shoulders, "Follow me, trainer."

Serena followed Shauna and the waiter into a more private area of the restaurant, surrounded by decorated screens. Two tables were set up, one with two chairs either side, and one with just the one chair. Shauna squealed in delight on seeing the enormous dish waiting for her on the single table, and with an encouraging nod from the waiter, made her way over there. She plonked herself down in the chair, it gave a worrying creak underneath her added weight, and started to eat.

"This doesn't seem right," Serena muttered as she followed the waiter over to the table with two chairs, "What are you up to?"

The waiter gave her another charming smile, and he pushed down against her slender shoulders to make her sit.

"Now then," the waiter bowed to Serena, "I will give the young lady a choice. Do you wish to eat while you battle? I insist you eat every last bite," Serena's eyes darted uneasily to the much fatter Shauna, who was tucking into her dish with gusto, "Or will you take the higher stakes? A penalty of a bottle of Moo Moo Milk if you don't finish the battle in the correct amount of turns, if one of your Pokemon faints, or if you use an item."

Serena hesitated. What would be the better option? Having to eat what appeared to be fattening and slightly addictive food? Or risking a potent bottle of Moo Moo Milk if she slipped up?


"The Moo Moo Milk," Serena decided after a moment of thought. She was a good trainer, a talented trainer. She knew and trusted her team of Pokemon, and they trusted her in return. She had just taken down the gym leader Clemont by only using one Pokemon, she didn't have anything to fear from a random trainer.

The waiter just smiled slowly, wrote something down on his notepad, and gave it to a passing waitress. The waitress was chubby, Serena noted, as the girl disappeared out of sight, though not quite as big as Shauna. The waiter followed her gaze, and simply shook his head.

"I know what you are thinking. That this is some twisted game that I'm playing with you." The waiter took the seat opposite Serena, "Far from it. The chef here just happens to be talented in making Moo Moo Milk based dishes. For some people, once they've had Moo Moo Milk, it's hard to go back." He nodded towards Shauna, who was sighing in delight as she ate another mouthful of her food.

"Granted your friend is a little more extreme. I've never seen a girl grow so quickly, she's adapted to the Moo Moo Milk nicely." He gave a contented little sigh, and his smile grew as the chubby waitress returned, setting down a bottle of Moo Moo Milk on the table.

"So if I battle you, you won't charge Shauna anything?" Serena stared at the bottle of creamy milk, it was bigger than she was expecting, and had beads of perspiration clinging to the outside of the glass, "That's why I'm here."

The idea of having to drink the entire bottle of milk made her stomach turn. She had given her Pokemon fresh Moo Moo Milk before, but they had metabolisms far more designed to work with it. As far as she knew humans didn't, especially when exposed to the milk in it's purest, freshest form.

"Of course not," the waiter smiled as he leaned back in his seat, a hand resting against the Pokeball at his waist, "Our battle will even cover the meal the lovely Shauna is enjoying right now. Well then?" he raised an elegant eyebrow, "Shall we?”

Despite her best efforts, Serena's beloved Pikachu was taken down by a Mud Bomb before she could even blink. She gasped as she recalled Pikachu with a trembling hand and slipped her Pokeball safely into her bag. The waiter was strong, his Pokemon were fast and powerful, and they knew moves that she wouldn't usually expect them to know. She scolded herself as she reached out to the bottle of Moo Moo Milk, she should have known. She should have known a seasoned battler wouldn't make such a stupid mistake.

"You do realize that if you don't defeat the Pokemon I've sent out in the next turn, you have to drink another bottle?" the waiter purred as he gestured for the chubby waitress to go fetch another bottle of Moo Moo Milk, "It's not looking likely, is it?" his smile curled up even further as Serena opened the foil cap on top of the milk.

Serena sighed and raised the bottle up to her lips. The thick and creamy milk oozed past her lips and down her throat, it was so rich that it sent shivers of pleasure down her spine. She drank deeply, there was something so moreish about the milk. It was all too easy to keep drinking it, to keep gulping down mouthful after mouthful of it. It was refreshing as well as creamy, and tasted unlike anything Serena had ever had before. She could feel it settling into the pit of her stomach, and there it seemed to stay.

She could feel her stomach starting to get full, she closed her eyes as she tilted the bottle up to make the liquid flow even faster. Serena could feel her stomach growing fuller, it was even starting to feel heavy. The waistband of her skirt was already starting to feel tight, Serena couldn't begin to imagine how bloated she was just from chugging down the milk so quickly.

She pulled the bottle away from her lips to breath, noticing dizzily that she had just over a quarter of the liquid left. She then let her gaze drift downwards, and bit back a scream on seeing how bloated her stomach really was.

It protruded from her otherwise slender frame, a round ball of fat that rested heavily in her lap. It looked as if she was at least four months pregnant, and it rose and fell gently with each startled breath. Serena reached out to gently poke the side of her stomach, only to look surprised as her finger sank into the soft flesh. She grabbed her new stomach with both hands, pinching gently at the flesh. Her fingers sank easily into the fat, and panic started to race through her.

This wasn't bloat, Serena released. It was fat. Soft, actual fat.

"Moo Moo Milk is fattening," the waiter leaned forwards teasingly, his eyes studying Serena's fat stomach, "How do you think the lovely Shauna gained so much weight so quickly? And that was with a lower concentration than you have. Once you finish that bottle," he looked up and down her figure, "I'd say you'd of gained at least twenty pounds."

Serena could only stare at the remaining Moo Moo milk in the bottle. Now that she had stopped drinking, she could feel the effects of the Moo Moo Milk on the rest of her body. Her breasts felt a little heavier, her thighs seemed to spread out a little more than they had done before, and her behind had started to press against her skirt. Twenty pounds with one bottle? She couldn't begin to think of how fat she would be if she lost any more Pokemon.

"Scared?" the waiter teased good naturedly, "I know. A pretty girl doesn't want to ruin her figure. I can offer you a cop out," he seemed to be enjoying himself far too much for Serena's liking.

“Drink three bottles of Moo Moo Milk right now, and we'll call it even. Shauna's debt will be paid, and you'll be free to go. Or," he raised an eyebrow, "You can keep battling and see if your luck has changed."

Serena sank her fingers further into her soft belly. Did she take the hit and gain sixty more pounds? Or could she take another risk and see if she could beat the trainer without having to drink another bottle?


Serena could take the easy way out- drink the three bottles and gain sixty pounds in the process… but what kind of trainer would she be if she gave in so easily? Despite the loss of Pikachu, she trusted her Pokemon to come through that. Not to mention, she so wanted to smack that teasing grin of the waiter's smug face.

He probably wasn't a bad guy, but he was really enjoying her dilemma- or maybe he had a thing for bigger girls. Who knows? Really, she didn't care right now; she just wanted to beat the guy.

"So what's it going to be? End the battle here or will you continue on?”

Serena sighed as she pulled on the tip of her familiar hat.

"It'd be so easy to just give up here but here's the thing… " she paused before staring back the waiter with a surprising smile. The young man taken a bit back at the sudden attitude change the blonde gave,  seemingly no longer concerned with her new pounds.

"I don't give up! Even more so when it involves my friends, especially Shauna!" The bigger girl momentarily looking over in Serena's direction giving her a thumbs up with a wide smile.

"So here's where my luck does in fact change. Go Lucario!"

'What's this?', wondered the waiter as the black and blue-furred fighting Pokemon emerged from it's Pokeball. Lucario was strong, but did she really think she could turn the tide so easily with just one fighting Pokemon?

"Wait what's that?" he wondered out loud as he took notice of Serena's odd bracelet. There was some kind of stone shining brightly.

"Lucario, Mega Evolve!"

The waiter had never seen anything like it- Lucario had changed from it's usual size to a more larger and imitating form! He could feel it's power and soon enough his Pokemon were feeling it too. As strong and fast as they were, Lucario was that much stronger. It was the reason Serena kept it aside as her "ace in the hole". She didn't want Mega Evolution to be a crutch and only in times like this would she call upon it.


"Go Lucario!" Serena cheered as her Mega Lucario effortlessly took down the waiter's team, one Pokemon at a time. Nothing could even hope to stand up against the powerful fighting type; the second that the waiter called out another Pokemon, Lucario would knock it unconscious with just a single move. The one time Lucario was out-sped by a speedy Pikachu, he just shrugged off the Thunderbolt that jolted through his body, and knocked the tiny electric rodent out with a powerful punch. Shauna ate, Serena cheered, and Lucario fought, and all the waiter could do was watch helplessly as the last member of his team was knocked out.

"I must admit, I am surprised," the waiter recalled his barely conscious Grumpig back into it's ball, "The lovely Shauna did mention you were a talented trainer, but this is beyond anything that I was expecting."

He smiled as he returned his Pokeballs to his belt, and stood up from his seat to bow deeply to the beaming Serena. "I am a man of my word. Your friend's meal is, of course, paid for. It's only right to give you a prize as well, for finally giving me a challenge." He pushed a wad of Pokedollars across the table to Serena.

"Thank you," Serena reached forwards to pick up the roll of notes, a quick glance showing that there had to be at least a few thousand Pokedollars tucked away in there. "It was an exciting battle! Though, I am sort of glad it didn't go too much further."

She tucked her winnings away safely into her wallet, if she was careful with what she spent over the next few days then she might just be able to afford that adorable skirt in the exclusive Boutique Couture. Although, Serena noted with a sheepish smile as she stood up from her seat, she might just have to buy some new clothes just to fit her slightly chubbier form.

Her clothes were holding on for the most part, but her the waistband of her skirt was digging into her soft potbelly. Serena attempted to adjust herself as she walked over to Shauna. To her great relief, the fatter girl had cleaned her plate. Serena's sharp eyes noticed that Shauna had put on a good few pounds from that meal alone, and reached out to help her much softer friend to her feet. Shauna laughed sheepishly behind her chubby fingers, a blush staining her rounded cheeks.

"I guess I really let that food get to me," Shauna admitted once they were outside of the restaurant, "What are the others going to say when they see me like this?"

She tugged at the hem of her sundress subconsciously, as if just realizing how much bigger she had gotten. "That Moo Moo Milk was good, though."

"They're not going to mind," Serena shook her head slightly, though she was starting to think along the same lines about her own appearance, "You're still you, Shauna. There's just more of you.”

“Besides," a fond gleam entered her bright blue eyes, "You must be around Tierno's size. We still love Tierno, don't we? They're not going to mind." she reached out to grab Shauna's chubby hand, and gave it a reassuring squeeze, "You're going to be just fine."

"Thanks, Serena," Shauna smiled brightly at her friend, a double chin forming underneath her jaw-line, "Think we should go meet up with them?"
---Chapter 2---

May opened one of the Pokéballs, releasing a Torchic. The Chick Pokémon looked at her with its big, blue eyes, and she was sold.

"I choose Torchic!" May said with enthusiasm. The Professor handed May five additional PokéBalls, while Professor Birch, who just woke up, handed her a Pokédex.

"Use that Pokédex to record information about Pokémon you encounter on your journey. My son, Brendan, has been doing the same thing. Good luck." With those parting words, May took Torchic in her arms and walked back to her house to show her mother her first Pokémon.


"Oh, May, it's so cute! Max, come see!" Caroline beckoned Max to look at May's Torchic, and he was impressed.

"You picked a winner, sis! I can tell 'cause he's got a winning gleam in his eye."

"How do you know it's a boy, Max?" May asked.

"The boys have a black spot on their backs. Look." Sure enough, there it was. It was tiny, but it was there.

"Hmmm, I should give him a nickname. How about... Charles? Or Charlie. Something with a Char, you know?" May was trying to come up with a fitting name.

"They're kind of the same name, May. Use 'em both," Max said.

"Okay, then. Charlie, you're part of the family, now!"

"Torrr-!" Caroline then made a lunch of pasta for May, who ate with great gusto. After she finished, she was off on her journey, and with the new pair of Running Shoes her mother gave her, her journey at least now would go on a little faster.

May and Charlie battled a few Pokémon on her way to Oldale Town, using her PokeDex to help her on the way. Along with Charlie's current moves, Scratch and Growl, the diminutive Pokemon also learned Focus Energy and Ember. Ironically, that last move helped her beat Brendan's Mudkip, Jeff, when they met in Oldale Town; it gave Jeff a burn he couldn't recover from.

"Huh, I'm impressed, May. You're already doing a pretty good job as a trainer. Say, since you won, how about I buy you dinner?"

May was surprised that Brendan would complement her like that, but she was also glad that she was getting a free meal. "Sure! Hope you've got enough!"

Brendan did have enough, and it was lucky that he did. May ate a great deal of hamburgers and pie at a nearby restaurant, and nearly snapped her belt when she finished. As she patted her belly in satisfaction, Brendan, intrigued by the display of gluttony, which was still impressive despite her large size. "Have you always been a big eater?"

May replied, "Kind of. I just really like food! Is that so wrong?"

Brendan wasn't sure what to say, so he just said, "It's getting late. I should get going. See you around, Big Girl."

"Okay, see you later," May said. "Oh, and Brendan,"


"If you're gonna call me Big Girl, don't do it too often. It's a little annoying."

"All right, all right. See ya."

---Chapter 3---

The next morning, May woke up and looked at herself in the mirror in her room at the Pokémon Center. Her 125 lb body showed quite a bit of chub oosing out of her tight underwear. Her belly seemed a bit larger than the last time she remembered, managing to actually cast a shadow over her panties, which strained under her thickening thighs from below and her growing belly from above. Her breasts were not to be outdone, each lobe the size of her head.

But she was here for a different reason than to observe the effects of her slowing metabolism and increasing appetite. Instead, she focused on her hair.

"I've been wearing my hair like this for too long. I need a new look," she said. She took the two large bangs her hair had been in for some time, styling them into pigtails. Somehow, they kept their general appearance, but May moved them off to the side of her head. In the end, May's appearance didn't change much.

Not being the most observant or intelligent youth in the world, she turned to her Torchic. "What do you think, Charlie?"

Charlie looked up and wondered what May was doing.

"Hmm, maybe asking you wasn't such a good idea. I do like this look, though. I'll keep it." May took out her bandanna and wrapped it around Charlie's neck. "Now you have a new look too, Charlie."

"Tor tor!" Charlie seemed to like his new accessory.


As May got dressed, she noticed the shorts she usually wore under her skirt were getting uncomfortably tight. Without any larger clothes to wear, she put them in her bag and decided to only wear her skirt.


As she entered Petalburg City the following week, she noticed her father Norman, the city's Gym Leader, walk over to her with a boy about her age with light green hair. "Hi, Dad!" May ran over to her father and hugged him, who underestimated her strength.

"May, ugh, I'm happy to see you, but you're hurting me!"

"Oh, sorry, Dad! Hee Hee! It's just been a while!" May let go and turned to the boy at Norman's side. "Oh, sorry, how rude! I'm May!"

"I'm Wally. Your dad helped me catch a Pokémon," the boy replied. "Here, look, it's my new Ralts. And here's the Zigzagoon he lent me for do that."

"They're both so cute!" May said. "So, if you have the Ralts, what about the Zigzagoon?"

As if that was a cue for the brown Pokémon, her father's Zigzagoon began attacking Charlie, who was walking alongside May the whole time. "Aah! Charlie!"

"Oh no! May, have your Torchic battle! It's the best way to stop it!"

"Right, Dad. Charlie, Ember!" Charlie shot a burst of fire from his mouth and landed a direct hit on Zigzagoon, who fell to the ground.

"Sorry about that, May," Norman said. "This Zigzagoon's a bit temperamental. Maybe she'll behave better if you take her of her. Charlie seems pretty happy."

May looked at the Zigzagoon, and decided to take up the offer. "Sure thing, Dad. I'll name her... Kerry." Kerry walked over and looked at May. Her look was indifferent, but May knew that Kerry would be a great partner.

"Oh, I have to leave. Thank you for your help, Norman!" Wally said as he went back home with Ralts.

As Norman waved goodbye, he noticed just how much May had grown, figuratively and literally. "May, I'm proud of you for handling that situation so well. I hope to battle you someday soon, but for now, I'd like you to do something."

"Oh, you want me to take the Gym Challenge, Dad?" May asked.

"That's right," Norman replied. "I'd like you to battle the Gym Leaders of the Hoenn region and collect all their badges. Once you have four, I'd like to battle you. Once you have eight, you can challenge the Elite Four and the Champion."

This sounded fun to May, not as fun as an eating contest, but close. "I'll do it!" she exclaimed.

"Good. The closest Gym is in Rustboro City. The leader, Roxanne, uses the Rock type. You may want to catch a Water or Grass type, or wait until Charlie evolves to challenge it, but I know you'll do great."

"Thanks, Dad," May said, hugging Norman again. This one wasn't as hard as the last.

---Chapter 4---

As May made it to Rustboro City, her belly started rumbling. She had eaten only a few berries while in Petalburg Forest; she found little food fit for humans. Worse, she was tired from all the Pokémon battles inside. Charlie learned Peck while fighting a Bug Catcher's Wurmple, and Kerry, in addition to knowing Tackle, Growl, and Tail Whip, learned Headbutt beating a Lass' Marill.

When May finally made it to the Pokémon Center, she dug in to some much-needed food while Charlie and Kerry were watched by Nurse Joy. With her belly full and her Pokémon healed, May set forth to find the Gym, noticing a strange man in red walking around. However, May's fixation was on the strange Pokemon behind him.

It was a small red Pokémon with leaves on its head and a small ball hanging off one of its leaves. May sent Charlie to battle it, since it looked like a Grass type and her father suggested she capture one. She was right; it was a Cherubi, a Pokémon normally native to far off Sinnoh.

Sending Charlie into battle, the Cherubi looked at him and shot a seed at it. Charlie was hit but retaliated with an Ember, scoring a direct hit. However, it instead seemed that Charlie became weaker while Cherubi became stronger. She had seen that before; it was Leech Seed! Cherubi charged with a Tackle and Charlie fell, but not before Peck-ing the fruit Pokemon, allowing May to catch Cherubi.

"All right! I caught a Cherubi!" May jumped up and down, her chub jiggled as she did. When she returned to the Pokémon Center to heal (and eat) again, one of its Nurses complimented her. "You seem like a strong battler."

"Thanks," May replied.

"Just remember not to push your Pokémon too hard," said the Nurse. "It's good to battle, but too much of a good thing can be bad for you."

May hoped this didn't apply to food, too.

As May left, she took her Pokémon to the Gym where she found Roxanne, the Gym Leader, reading about what looked like a book about Steel type Pokémon.

"Hello?" May took the gym leader out of her own world.

"Oh?" Roxanne looked up from her book and noticed May. "Hi, are you here for a challenge?"

"Yes!" May said. "I'm May."

"I'm Roxanne. By the way, Before I started reading this book, I noticed your capture. Great job."

"Thanks," May said, not noticing Roxanne's omnipotence. "I'm calling my Cherubi Rita. I'm not sure what other name would work."

"Interesting. By the way, do you have at least three Pokémon? You should have that many if you want to battle me."

"Yep, Rita makes three. I'm ready!"

Kerry then came out of her ball, ready to battle.


"Looks like Kerry's ready, too," May said.

---Chapter 5---

One hour later, the battle began. May started by sending out Kerry, while Roxanne sent out a Geodude. Geodude's Defense Curl made Kerry's Tackle all but useless, especially thanks to the type disadvantage. Kerry, however, had Headbutt. It dealt minimal damage, but caused Geodude to keep flinching.

In its one sucessful attack, Roxanne had Geodude use Rock Tomb, which trapped Kerry in a pile of Rocks, lowering her Speed. Kerry then used her new Sand-Attack move to blind Geodude, making attacking more difficult. Kerry's luck not running out, its next move, a Headbutt, scored a critical hit, knocking Geodude out.

Roxanne then sent out another Geodude, who fought like the last one, but used Defense Curl to avoid Kerry's Sand-Attack.  Not seeing any progress, May exchanged Kerry for Rita. However, having just been caught, May didn't know Rita's moves, except for Leech Seed and Tackle. Leech Seed worked well, though, as Geodude took damage despite dealing some with its Rock Throw. Eventually, both Pokémon grew tired. Geodude was knocked out, with Rita was still standing-for now.

Roxanne then sent out Nosepass, her signature Pokémon. She used Rock Tomb to finish Rita, who was switched out for Charlie, as Kerry was still recovering. Charlie's Ember and Peck didn't do a thing, and Nosepass' Rock Throw and Rock Tomb nearly finished him.

In that last moment, his plot armor activated; Charlie glowed white and changed shape. He had evolved in to a Combusken! He jumped into the air and kicked twice into Nosepass' face, knocking it out instantly. May had earned her first Gym Badge.

"We did it! Great job, you guys!" May hugged her Pokémon, as Roxanne walked over to her. "That was a good match, May. You know how to fight intelligently. Here is the Stone Badge, proof of your victory."

After May accepted the badge, she was ready to eat again; the excitement having made her hungry. However, the same man in red ran by with a man in blue right in front, carrying a suitcase and a Pokémon, a Wingull to be precise. "Hey, what's he doing?" May was interested in the strange men.

Her meal finished, and in that moment of intrigue, she sent out Charlie and Kerry to run after the men, while May, carrying Rita, followed. The man in blue sent out a Poochyena and a Carvanha to slow the pair down, but Kerry Headbutted Poochyena out of the way and Charlie's Double Kick felled his Carvanha.

The man returned his Pokémon and was himself attacked by the man in red, who had a Numel with him. May looked on as the Numel used Ember, hitting the man in blue, causing him to drop the suitcase.

As the man in blue retreated, the man in red had Numel attack May, but Rita used Magical Leaf to deter Numel; the man called Numel back and fled.

"What was that all about?" May asked her Pokémon. “I wanted to talk to them...”

Just then, a man appeared behind her, "Thank you so much, young lady!"

May turned around and saw a formally dressed man with a fedora and a purple suit. "You just recovered some important goods for the Devon Corporation! I don't know what we would have done if it weren't for you!"

"Uh, thanks?" May was confused. "Oh, sorry. I'm Mr. Stone, Devon's President. Come with me and I'll explain more."

---Chapter 6---

After May followed Mr. Stone to his office, he said, "May, those goods you recovered are part of an important project we're taking on in Slateport City. It will make undersea exploration easier. I hope it's not too much trouble, but could you please deliver those goods to Captain Stern in Slateport City?"

May replied, "Sure thing, Mr. Stone. I'll make sure Captain Stern gets them."

"Good. I understand you're on a different kind of journey, though, so there's no need to rush...Though I hope you could also deliver this letter to my son, Steven, in Dewford Town, and these goods to Captain Stern, at Slateport City."

"...I guess so," May said, “But I'm not sure where these places are."

"No problem," Mr. Stone said. He reached into his desk, and pulled out a small machine, giving it to May.

"This is a PokéNav. It's like a miniature map that tells you where you are or where you're going. It can help get you to your destinations."

"Thanks, Mr. Stone," May said. "Now I just have to figure out how to get there." Both towns required a journey by boat.

"Aye, if it's Dewford and Slateport ye be lookin' to go to, I'll take you there!" An old man stood at the door to the office. May turned to the sailor.

"Mr. Briney! I haven't seen you in a while! May, this is Mr. Briney, a renowned sailor. I have no doubt he'll serve you well on your journey." Mr. Stone seemed to know Mr. Briney well.

"Wow, thanks, Mr. Briney! I'm not sure I would be able to swim all the way to Dewford and Slateport," May said.

Mr. Briney laughed. "Hah hah! Don't worry, lass! Ol' Briney'll get ye to Dewford in no time!" May bid farewell to Mr. Stone and followed Mr. Briney back to his cottage near Petalburg Forest. They boarded his ship and set sail for Dewford. May was also given a big meal by Mr. Briney, which caused her belt to pop off when she finished.

"Mmmm, that was delicious, Mr. Briney," May said while patting her belly. It jiggled in response.

"You've got quite the appetite, lass. Not to be rude, but how do ye put it all in?"

May simply said, "Years of practice, I guess." She also noticed her belt and said, "I hope that one of these places has a shopping center. I think I'm starting to outgrow my clothes."

"Slateport City has one," Mr. Briney said. "Ye can find nearly anything there."

"Good," May said, then yawned. She changed into her nightgown, which was starting to get a bit tight, then went to bed in the cabin set up for her; Briney's ship was fairly slow, and the sun was starting to set…

---Chapter 7---

"Land Ho! May! Wake up, lass! We're here!"

May woke up and saw that they had landed at Dewford Town. She got dressed and met Mr. Briney outside.

"I'm going to get some more supplies for the ship. What will you be doing, again?"

"I heard there's a Gym here. The leader, Brawly, uses Fighting Pokémon. I'll face him, then find Steven," May replied.

"Good luck to ye, lass!" said Mr. Briney as he and his Wingull, Peeko went into town. As soon as she set shore, she went to the nearest restaurant to eat… and then looked around for the Dewford gym. She couldn't battle on an empty stomach after all.

But as May was about to enter the Dewford Gym...

"Hey, you here to challenge me?"

"Whaa!" May was shocked by the voice behind her which she identified as Brawly, Dewford's Gym Leader.

"Oh, sorry! You okay?"

"Yeah, it's alright. Oh, yeah, I do want to battle."

"I like your spirit. Let's do this!" The two entered the Gym and began the gym battle. Brawly's Machop was sent first, against Rita.

Rita's Growth helped boost her Magical Leaf, though Machop was able to chop through some of it with a Karate Chop, following its Bulk Up. It moved through, and grabbing Rita, tossed her across the room with a Seismic Toss.

"Rita! Oh no!" Rita was in trouble, until May had an idea. "Rita, Leech Seed!"

Rita obeyed, gaining some health back, but a Karate Chop finished her. Kerry was sent out, and immediately used Sand-Attack to blind Machop. He chopped blindly and was barraged by Tackles: falling soon after.

Machop unable to battle, Brawly returned it for his Meditite. With a Reflect, Meditite reduced Tackle and Headbutt's damage. It was followed by a Bulk Up to gain power and Kerry getting in a Headbutt, forcing her opponent to flinch. If it worked, it was over for Kerry. She finished it with another Headbutt, leaving Brawly with his Makuhita.

Makuhita took a Tackle, but countered with a Vital Throw, instantly knocking out Kerry.

"Looks like it's one on one, May. I must say, though, you're doing great," Brawly remarked.

"All right, Charlie, it's up to you!" Charlie emerged, ready to fight. He began with a Focus Energy to gain a better chance at a critical hit, while Makuhita used Bulk Up. Makuhita then moved forward with an Arm Thrust and slapped Charlie repeatedly, but was met with a Double Kick to the face. Makuhita then used Reversal. Though Charlie took a great deal of damage, he was too strong, and Pecked Makuhita until he fell.

"Whoa, that was intense! May, you rock!" Brawly was amazed at May's skill.

"Thanks, Brawly!" May blushed with pride as she was given the Knuckle Badge.

"This badge proves your greatness. May it serve you well." May left the Gym, headed to the Pokémon Center, and set out on her mission to find Steven Stone.

---Chapter 8---

May decided to go look for Steven in Granite Cave, which she found to be pitch-black. Luckily, Kerry had just learned Flash, allowing May see in the dark cave. She found a few Aron and a Sableye hanging around, as well as a couple of Abra. She only got into one battle with the Sableye, though. In that battle, Rita learned Sunny Day, which scared the Sableye off.

After a while, May found a young man who looked related to Mr. Stone.

"Excuse me," May asked, "Are you Steven Stone?"

"Yes, I am," he said. "Your dad, Mr. Stone, sent you this letter."

"Thank you. Hmm. Interesting. Good thing I have it right here."

May looked confused, until Steven answered, "Oh, sorry. I collect stones for research and my dad wanted to see if I could collect some for him. I've got the stones I need, so I'll be heading out. Speaking of which, here's a few stones as thanks for that letter. May looked at the collection of stones and found them all beautiful.

"Wow, thanks, Steven."

"No problem. Perhaps I'll see you again. Farewell." Steven left, and so did May.

"So, May, how'd ye do?" Mr. Briney asked at the Dewford Marina. May proudly showed Mr. Briney the Knuckle Badge. "I won, and I got the letter to Steven, too!"

"Ah, good job, lass! Now on to Slateport if you're all done here."

"Okay, let's go!"

On the way there, May spotted a strange blue submarine surfacing near Slateport City. "Hmm." May couldn't help but wonder what it was doing or who it held.

'It's probably nothing', she reasoned. 'I heard Slateport had a nice shopping center… what should I get there?'

---Chapter 9---

When the Briney's boat docked at Slateport the next day, May headed to its shopping plaza, and bought supplies she needed for both herself and her Pokémon, along with a larger belt for her growing body, and a couple of larger outfits. Her gut and breasts had only seemed to have grown throughout her journey.

After shopping. May decided to tour around the city, but near the Shipyard and Oceanic Museum noticed two people in blue like the man she saw in Rustboro. Mr. Briney, who had been walking nearby, noticed them, and warned May. * Cue X-files, Twist that Devon is bad guys too and manipulating May? :O

"May, look! It's those scoundrels, Team Aqua!"

"Team Aqua? Wait, I think I've heard of them!"

"That's right! They steal Pokémon, and are obsessed with the sea! I love the sea as much as the next sailor, but these people are completely insane! We've got to stop them!"

"Right! Let's do this!" May and Mr. Briney went to the Museum and found Captain Stern confronted by two Team Aqua Grunts.

"For the last time, you can't have the blueprints!" Captain Stern yelled.

"Don't toy with us, Captain," smirked a Grunt. "We'll get those blueprints one way or another."

"Hey!" The grunts turned around and noticed May and Mr. Briney with their Rita and Peeko ready to attack. The Grunts sent out two Wailmer and attacked with Water Gun.

"Rita, Sunny Day!" The water guns hit Rita, with little effect. Rita responded with a Magical Leaf and Peeko charged in with a Wing Attack. The Wailmer were resilient, though, and attacked back with a Rollout.

They were stopped, however, by a large bearlike Pokémon, released by the Captain in the distraction- an Ursaring. The Ursaring knocked them both out with a Hammer Arm, forcing the Grunts to retreat, one of them yelling, "This isn't over, Captain!"

"Wow, thanks for your help. Those two were after the blueprints for a new submarine ferry I was designing, and thanks to you, they're safe."

"You're welcome, Captain Stern. Oh, here are those goods from Devon I was told to hand you." May handed him the suitcase.

"Thank you very much. You must be May, right? Mr. Stone told me about you. And Mr. Briney, good to see you again."

"Aye, 'tis good to see you, too, Cap'n."

The group then traveled to the Shipyard to see the submarine in question.

"It's nearing completion, along with the S.S. Tidal."

"Blow me away!" yelled Mr. Briney. "It's really coming together!"

"Yes," said Stern, "And I would like you to help me out in construction, Mr. Briney, if you don't mind."

"I'd be honored!" he cried. "Eh, that is, if ye don't mind, May."

"No problem," she said. "I can get where I need to go from here." Captain Stern then said, "Well, good luck, May."

"Good luck, lass. I'll miss yeh!"

"Wingull!" Peeko cried.

As May waved goodbye, the Ursaring from earlier came up to May. "Graa Graa!"

"Hey, thanks for helping out earlier!" The Ursaring smiled and pointed towards one of May's Poké Balls. "Wait, you want to come with me?"

The Ursaring nodded and May placed him inside. "Hmm, I guess I'll call him Goliath, 'cause he's so strong." Her other Pokémon met him later at the nearby Pokemon Center and began to bond, while May treated them and herself to a feast.

---Chapter 10---

As May traveled along Route 110 towards Mauville City, she ran into a familiar face.

"Hey, Brendan!"

Brendan turned around to May. "It's been a while, May. How's it going?"

"Great!" May replied. "I've taken up battling and gotten two gym badges!"

"Cool. Hey, you up for a battle?" Brendan just caught a new Pokémon, and was ready to fight.

"Sure. Let's do it!" May wanted Goliath to start battling for her, too. He was strong, but still needed to train if she wanted to beat the league.

"Go get 'em, Mark!" Brendan sent out a Shroomish who looked ready to fight. "Shroomish!"

May responding by sending out Charlie, who started with an Ember, but missed; Mark jumped into the air and used Sleep Powder, causing Charlie to fall asleep.

"C'mon, Charlie! Wake up!"

"Mark, Headbutt!" Charlie was hit twice by the attack before he woke up. "Ember, Charlie!”

This time, however, it seemed Ember was more powerful than usual. Charlie had used Flamethower! Mark was blasted to near unconsciousness, but Mark regained health with a Mega Drain. Because of Charlie's resistance, though, he remained strong and finished Mark with a Peck.

"Return, Mark! Go, Jeff!" Jeff had evolved into a Marshtomp, and a being Water and Ground type, had a major advantage over Charlie. "Mud Shot!"

Charlie was blasted in the face by a ball of mud and was slowed. Despite Charlie's Flamethrower dealing some damage, Jeff recovered and finished Charlie with a Water Gun.

With this, May decided to send out Goliath in his first battle. "Goliath, Hammer Arm!"

Goliath knocked Jeff into the ground, but on the way down, unleashed a strong Water Gun. Unfortunately for Jeff and Brendan, it didn't even faze Goliath, and the Marshtomp came down with a Slash.

With his starter Pokémon unable to battle, Brendan returned Jeff and sent out his last Pokémon, Eric, a Slugma. "Eric, AncientPower!"

Goliath was knocked back into May. "May, you alright?" Brendan said, concerned for the larger girl

"I'm fine, Brendan. How about you, Goliath?"

"Graa!" Goliath charged forward, a ball of energy forming in his hands. Brendan recognized that move. "Focus Blast! Eric, watch out!"

As the blast was shot forward, the Slugma, not being the fastest Pokémon, was unable to avoid the blast.

The lava Pokémon was knocked straight into Brendan, knocking his white hat off, revealing his black hair, and knocking Eric out.

"Oh, Brendan, are you okay?" May ran over and helped him up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Good job, Big Girl... I mean, May."

"Thanks, and that nickname's fine. I don't really care much anymore." May smiled, picking up Brendan's hat. "I didn't know this was a hat." May returned the hat to its rightful owner.

"Lots of people don't. Anyway, great battle. I have to get going. See you around." Brendan ran towards Slateport after returning Eric. May then continued with Goliath in tow, as well as Charlie, who had recovered rather quickly.

---Chapter 11---

As May made it to Mauville City, she noticed two signs: one that read, "Beware of Team Aqua," and another that said, "Beware of Team Magma". May had heard about both, and had experienced at least one first hand- the thought of potentially meeting them again scared her a bit... and made her a bit hungry, too.

May grabbed a 'quick' bite at the local Pokémon Center while her Pokemon healed, before heading to the Mauville Gym.

May's belly and breasts had each grown at least four and six inches respectively since the beginning of her journey, pushing her weight up to around 160 pounds, a big jump in weight that pushed the five-foot girl into obesity. As she patted her full belly lightly to help it digest, she made her way into the Gym; its inside was covered in strange lights.

May decided to experiment a bit, seeing there didn't seem to be any other way to meet the gym leader. As she stepped on the red light, and strange lasers came out, causing the young trainer to panic and run (surprisingly fast for her weight) as they fired. When they stopped, she accidentally stepped on a blue light, causing her to drop into a narrow hole blocked by her fat. May lifted herself out, touching one of the moving green lights instead. This time, a giant boulder came down, forcing May to run to the gym's exit. Once she stopped on a white light at the door, however, the traps all deactivated. The floor solidified, the lasers stopped, and the boulder, which was holographic, disappeared.

"Wah hah hah! Great show, young lady! Hah hah!" An older man in an aviator's jacket appeared to congratulate May, who was panting and gasping for air.

"What was that, and who are you?" May huffed.

"Wah hah hah! I'm Wattson, the Gym Leader. My apologies for the traps, but I have had this weakness for designing them after I tried enhancing the city's power plant. I just couldn't stop, so I decided to put my passion to work in my Gym. Again, I apologize, but only those who can make it through my gauntlet may challenge me. You passed the test, so I accept your challenge!"

"Uhhh, thanks?" May was still a bit shaken, but composed herself and got herself ready for a battle with the eccentric man.

---Chapter 12---

With that, the four on four battle began; Wattson sending out Voltorb and May choosing Kerry to fight. May began first, ordering Kerry to use Mud Sport to lessen the opponent's Electric Type-attacks- a pointless endeavor, as Wattson had Voltorb use Self-Destruct to kamikaze both Pokémon.

“Go Magneton!”

“Go Charlie!”

Magneton began with a Thunder Wave to paralyze Charlie, making it difficult for him to move. He was able to shoot off a few Flamethrowers, however; all hitting Magneton dead on, and knocking it out.

Wattson's Electrike was next to battle. It rushed forward with a Quick Attack to chip away at Charlie's health. Charlie responded with a Howl to boost his Attack; he then rushed in for a Flame Charge, but was stopped by his foe's Double Kick and Shock Wave. Those attacks finished Charlie, forcing May to switch him out.

Rita, May's next Pokémon, avenged Charlie, striking the Electrike down with Magical Leaf. After a long battle, Rita won with a Tackle, but Electrike's Ability Static paralyzed her as a consequence.

"Wah hah hah! You're good, May, but this ends now. Manectric, let's end this!"

Manectric came forward and Howled for its own Attack boost, then pounded Rita with a Quick Attack. Rita was hurt, and couldn't move due to her paralysis...but in that moment, she began to glow all of a sudden. May knew what was about to happen. With that, Rita evolved into a Cherrim and overcame its disability to begin to move again.

"Rita, Sunny Day! Show him your power!" The change in weather changed Rita from Overcast to Sunny Forme and used her new attack, Petal Dance. Unused to the new move, Rita confused herself, but was still successful in catching Manectric in a tornado of petals. Wattson commanded Manectric to use Shock Wave; it hit, but Rita's Magical Leaf did, too, and her attack was more powerful, finishing off Manectric. May had won.

"Wah hah hah hah! Amazing! May, that was spectacular! I had so much fun battling you! This Dynamo Badge is yours!" Wattson congratulated May with a pat and a badge.

"All right! Thanks, Wattson! Great job, everyone!" May congratulated her Pokémon and excitedly headed back to the Pokémon Center to rest up. Strangely, she had also cooked up a bit of an appetite in that time…

---Chapter 13---

Original Author's Note: I'm altering the story so that it fits better to suit my needs.
My Note: I altered it more, lol.

May continued on her journey through Hoenn, taking the Cable Car to Lavaridge Town. She noticed a red helicopter fly away from Mt. Chimney.

'Was it Team Magma?'

The thought made her feel a bit uneasy. When she arrived, however, she noticed a stand selling Lava Cookies, and bought several dozen, having never heard of them, and interested in their flavour. Upon tasting one, however, she spat it out.

"Eew, what kind of cookie is this?" May said in disgust.

"Lava Cookies are meant for Pokémon!" A ginger girl appeared before May with a bag filled with pastries. "Try these Volcano Cakes instead!"

May did, and was amazed by the chocolatey treat. "Much better! Thanks!"

"You're welcome!" The girl then introduced herself. "I'm Flannery. I just got started as the new Gym Leader of Lavaridge."

"I'm May. My dad runs the Petalburg Gym."

"You're Norman's daughter? I've heard you've been challenging the other Gyms! So, I guess you'll want to battle me too, right?"

"I guess so."

"Well... I guess I accept your challenge." Flannery had barely had any challengers in the few weeks she started leading, and after hearing about May's regular victories, was a bit nervous about the impending challenge with the talented trainer.

"You okay? You... seem nervous."

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I just hope you're ready to lose, 'cause your winning streak ends here!"

Apparently, not all Gym Battles needed to be in a Gym.

---Chapter 14---

This battle, like that of the previous Gym, was four on four, with Charlie starting up against a Numel. The faster Numel shook Charlie up with a Magnitude, but he regained his balance with a Double Kick., unfortunately failing to damage Numel much. Seeing that he was going to need some more power, Charlie used Bulk Up, a move he had finally perfected after several training sessions. This time, when Charlie struck back with Double Kick, he knocked Numel out.

Flannery then tried her hand with Slugma, who used Rock Throw in an attempt to crush Charlie, but missed, and was knocked out with a Double Kick.

Flannery looked a bit scared by the quick KO.

“Go Camerupt.”

Worried about Charlie's health, May switched him out for Goliath, who began attacking with a Slash. It hit, but Cameruot, being the opposite gender, used Attract infatuating Goliath. Seeing an opening, Camerupt then used Overheat to damage Goliath. however, its success was limited, May's Pokemon still managed to retaliate with a Focus Blast, and a Thrash, leaving only Torkoal on Flannery's team to fight.

Torkoal started his attacks with Overheat, bringing Goliath into low health, but thans to his ability Guts, Goliath's Hammer Arm brought Torkoal down in one hit.

"Ohhh, you won," Flannery looked dejected after her loss.

"You okay, Flannery?" May was concerned about her opponent. "Huhhh, like I said earlier, I'm a rookie. I still have some ways to go before I'm any good."


"AAHH! Grandpa?!" An elderly man appeared at the battlefield, fuming.

"What is your grandfather doing here?"

"I came to this city to see how my granddaughter was handling her new position, and obviously, the answer is not very well." Mr. Moore glared at Flannery.

She looked down, "I'm sorry, Grandpa. I'm just no good at battling."

"That's not the point! The point is, you need to learn to have faith in yourself and your Pokémon. If you can do that, you can accomplish anything."

Flannery looked up. "Thanks, Grandpa."

"Hmm. See, I do know what I'm talking about. I think you should do a little bit of traveling so that you and your Pokémon can get some experience first. Try going with May. She seems to have this lesson down."

Flannery turned to May, "Is that all right, May?"

"Sure," May replied. "I don't mind at all. In fact, it'd be nice to hang out with you."

"Then it's settled. I'll watch over the Gym a little longer while you train some more. I wish you two the best of luck," said the elder Moore.

"Thanks, again, Grandpa.”

“Oh, May, before I forget, you won, so I need to give you your badge." Flannery grabbed a Heat Badge from her pocket and gave it to May. And so, the two started towards Petalburg City so May could face off against her father for her fifth badge.

---Chapter 15---

As May and Flannery battled their way to Petalburg City, both Pokemon and Trainer grew; Flannery's Slugma evolved to a Magcargo, while Kerry evolved into a Linoone. May also caught a Seel in one of the many water routes in Hoenn- which she named Jonah.

With the adventure came food, however, and May's hike through her home region did nothing to reduce her weight. Instead, her body had continued to expand, her belly taking the bunt of her now 180 pound figure. Her soft, but round globe of a gut was impossible to contain in any shirts, and so it was left open to the world to see. Strangely, her belly didn't develop any rolls, simply sticking out like a pregnancy of flab, almost intimidatingly. Though her breasts and thighs had also grown to match, her arms and butt were underdeveloped in comparison.

On the other hand, Flannery's toned, teenage 120 lb figure had developed some chub, but overall, seemed to be resisting May's influence- for now.

But their detour to Fallabor Town on the long trek to her father's gym would be a little more eventful than the newly formed duo would have imagined.

"Hey there." A normal supply grab at Fallabor's PokéMart was interrupted by a skinny, bluenette a few years May's senior. "My name's Dawn Fairweather. I couldn't help but notice your...belts. Where'd you get them?"

May ignored the fact her belt was barely visible under her belly hang, something she could notice Dawn was eying. Though it was hard not to notice.

"We both got them at Slateport City, actually," May answered. Maybe Dawn was just being polite. "I'm May Maple."

"I'm Flannery Moore. So, what brings you here?"

"I was training for Contests around here, but the season's been interrupted by a strike. I've been playing tourist until it starts up again." The three hung out for the rest of the day, having nothing better to do. Dawn introduced her party, a Piplup, a Buneary, a Pachirisu, and a Cyndaquil; she also explained that she was from Sinnoh.

“...Can I join you guys?… I mean, I have a lot of time to burn, and I've been wanting to look around...”

“Villagers of Kan’Kai! The prophet would like you to show your gratitude to her arrival with another round of your finest dishes!”
Lillie sighed. She had brought herself to Kan’Dal as a willing captee to his strange perversions …and the happiness of his village. Of course.
‘So much for losing weight.’ Her inner monologue was spilling out. And to think she was actually starting to make some progress on firming up her belly flab! Now, instead, it sprung out, unable to be contained, and bloated with unknown amounts of fat and food.
As the villagers finished preparing Lillie’s first plates, the excitedly arranged her food on the massive stone slab of a table set before her. The blend of smells from the tribal cooks signalled the simultaneous arrival of heaven and hell.
“Pew?” Nebby seemed to have a morbid curiosity in the villagers’ work, hovering around like a curious child. Each one was too afraid and busy to look up from their chops and stirs at the innocent Pokemon. Nebby always seemed to be fascinated with almost everything that caught his eye, especially when people were making food, much to her chagrin.
…Speaking of food, if she was going to do this, then at least she should have the right to do this in dignity. “Kan’Hal?”
“Yes, great Prophet?”
“Could you get some bigger clothes made for me?”
“Of course, great Prophet.”
It would be nice if Kan-Deiti could return soon so she could try to settle some sort of resolution among the gods and the villagers- or at least for her to be saved out of this mess some other way. She really didn’t want to be a blob before she was allowed to leave guiltlessly.
Turns out the only thing that rivaled this village’s speed with cooking, was their speed in sewing, as by the time the cascading stacks of plates were completed for Lillie’s break-FEAST (haha, no, that’s a horrible pun; kill me.), Kan’hal and several females came back to the village square with a new, larger clone of her signature white dress for their ‘prophet’, complete with its translucent underskirt.
Not even the maids back home were this good.
The villagers, their work complete, gathered around the fat blonde.
“Great Prophet Lillie, we hope our meal and new clothes will satisfy you!” A muscular old man, apparently the tribe’s leader, bowed to his ‘superior’, followed by the rest of his clan.
With that, two separate tribeswomen began peeling off her old ‘dress’ like a banana, carefully slicing off the tight fabric with a sharp knife before Lillie had a chance to protest.  Having outgrown her underwear, and thus using her old clothes as a makeshift bikini, it was at that moment that every roll and curve of her body was exposed to the warm summer air.
Her gut stuck out onto the stone ‘table’, as her firm belly rolls hung out, not limited by even the least of clothing. Its calories, still being processed by her overloaded metabolism, found its way on her jiggling behind and newly fattened cow limbs. Worst of all, her youthful breasts were, for the first and hopefully last time in her life, exposed to the cold, hard stares of over a hundred strangers.
"Another bowl, please."

"May, you've eaten 15 bowls of noodles already."

"My record is 32. You should have seen me."

A few days later, the girls were visiting a noodle shop right outside Fallabor. With May eating more than Dawn and Flannery combined, Dawn was intrigued by the ravenous display of appetite and her weight and wondered how to get big herself. Flannery, being in a semi-conscious state of fullness, decided to play along.

"May, is it hard to gain?"

"Not really. Though I've always been big." She replied, concentrating on her finishing every dish in the noodle shop- a task she was scarily close to.

“Well, I'll be at the shop next door. I do have some work to do after all.”

Flannery looked back down to her 3rd bowl. She should be fine, she wasn't that big of an eater anyways. Unfortunately, being around May so much had skewed her sense of proportion, and her appetite had been increasing every day since they first met. Her shorts were a getting bit strained though…

Next door, Dawn began dug into a large ice cream sundae. She needed some dessert, and honestly, she liked this a lot more than another bowl of ramen.

'This should be fun... I should get May to help with this… 'project'…'

A doubt entered her mind- it was quickly brushed off, however. 'I'm sure my coordinating career will be fine. After all, it's not just me on the stage; not need to worry!' her catchphrase brought a smile to her face.

As a new customer entered into the shop, the warm fall wind blew into her miniskirt, exposing her already too-tight panties.

Dawn pulled down her dress in embarrassment. 'Ok, maybe I do need to worry a bit…'


The rest of the journey to Petalburg was much longer than any of them had expected at well over a month in travel time...not that the female trio were in any rush.

Dawn eventually managed to coerce May into aiding her in proper eating, on how to find new clothes, and what to do when they get too full; lessons that more often than not, Flannery also attended. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she was gaining blubber, her body's weight being dragged along with her more lax companions.

As a result, Flannery was popping belts on her jeans and busting bras faster than she could replace them; in the long roads between cities, she ended up being forced to wear a large blue sarong, and tie her shirts around her breasts in an attempt to provide some support to her figure. Speaking of which, it  had bloated a good 40 lbs since she began traveling with May… even though she was having the time of her life with her and Dawn.

Flannery sighed. At least her weight was going to the 'right places'. Her belly remained fairly small, the bulk of her fat ending up in her pendulous breasts and thunder thighs. Her face also still kept its sharp tone.

'Though…' she turned around to her blue-haired friend, snacking on poffins, 'She seems to gotten what she wanted.'

Dawn's growth had been even more drastic. Unlike Flannery or May, she had been a good bit underweight before. Now, she was 50 lbs heavier, and it showed. Instead of a twig-like legs, her thighs  and butt now looked more like tree trunks, jiggling with fat on her previously petit frame, and straining to accommodate her gain. Her belly had also bloated, though it always seemed to be more effected by her budget-breaking food consumption than her flab. Her arms and face had also chubbed out, almost as if they were preparing themselves for her bigger future (literally).

Dawn's dress had become nothing more than a glorified shirt. Instead, she covered up her bottom half with one of May's giant skirts and panties, both of which actually were starting to rip due to her disproportional gain.

Why she ever wanted to trash her high metabolism and slim, cute body was beyond her.

May had not stopped gaining either- her largest red shirt lost several buttons, and did nothing to cover her gut (not that it had before). It wasn't surprising she was pushing the big 200.

'Hopefully Petalburg has a good mall that could accommodate us…'

Dawn adjusted her longer hair as her nervously fidgeted with her new, pink dress- a dress, which, thankfully was much bigger and longer to match her figure. She wasn't planning on giving anyone a nice view with any more miniskirts- not when she was exploding in size.

"Do you think May will win, Flannery?" she asked.

"Maybe," Flannery concentrated on the battle. "But she's been training us, too, so who knows?"

Flannery had changed her look as well- she was tired of her sarongs and makeshift bras, and adjusted her outfit into a less revealing red shirt and jean skirt.

“Heh, did you see the Leader's face when he saw us?” Dawn bragged.

When they entered the gym, Norman was shocked at the sheer growth of May and her friends- not to mention the fact Flannery and Dawn tagging along with her. To his credit, both were minor public figures in their respective regions.

The battle was a fierce, four on four fight. May started off by sending out Jonah, who quickly knocked her father's Spinda out with an Aurora Beam.

Jonah was not invulnerable, however, as her opponent’s Vigoroth slashed him down to the ground. Jonah damaged, May switched him out for Kerry, who avenged him with Iron Tails until his opponent fainted.

Kerry then matched blows with another Linoone until they both went down hard, together.

Norman’s final Pokemon, a Slaking, proceeded to bring Goliath to his knees with Focus Punches, despite taking a Hammer Arm and a Focus Blast.

Now, of May’s Pokemon, only Charlie, now a Blaziken, was left, but he suffered a Focus Punch to the face. Slaking had Facade ready after being burned by a Flamethrower, and finally fell after a Sky Uppercut and a few Double-Kicks.

"May, I'm impressed by how far you've gotten. I'm proud of you. Here, take this Balance Badge, you've earned it." May had tears in her eyes and hugged her father after taking the badge, with quite a bit of difficulty.

Of course, they had to celebrate with a feast. Of course, that was Dawn's idea. So was jokingly thumping her bellies with May afterwards. Because that was totally normal.

It was times like these Flannery wished she could just crawl into a cocoon.

The girls headed out the next morning, preparing to travel back to Slateport to continue their journeys. Unable to surf across the sea, she asked Mr. Briney for another lift- as much as he didn't want to burden the kind sailor.

“You don't have to apologize! I see you've gotten a few friends!”

However, it soon became apparent that that was the least of their worries. There was an eating contest at Slateport that day, and Dawn's plan to prepare for it by dumping most of their food before they made it on the boat didn't seem like such a good idea in hindsight. Needless to say, Briney wasn't too happy by the end of the ordeal.



“And the winners are… Dawn and May!”

Flannery and the other competitors congratulated the two girls on the victory, massaging her middle all the same. Even though technically it was against the contest rules for there to be a tie, the hosts had run out of hot dogs, lemonade, and ice cream, despite the copious amounts of food given.

Even Flannery was shocked at their display of gluttony; a display that continued as the two gorged even more in a nearby fancy steakhouse with the prize money, while Flannery messed around with her Twitter.

May frowned. Thanks to Dawn, she had come to appreciate her gut as part of her identity, something that needed to be nourished, well-fed, and grown. She couldn't think about ever turning down food, let alone good food, and yet Flannery refused to order anything. Come to think of it, Flannery had been increasingly turning down good food in an attempt to diet, only to binge on chocolates and chips later in the day.

May felt a tinge of pity for Flannery. She was missing out, ever since she had noticed her growth. There had to be some way they could finally all share in the same gourmet experiences.

Dawn knowingly winked. May didn't notice it, going back to her own meal, but Dawn knew what was going through her brunette friend's head. She had a plan. She always had a plan.
May's Gains (A LOT): PWGVersion: Legends Part 2
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Usually, I would post in many parts, but this is the exception.

I'm planning to post a part every week or less.

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And then one of the protags would be captured into their ranks due to her talents. Then SHTF.

Which is why I said that is was going to get fairly dark. The 1st half or so is pretty normal."

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